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Chicagoist: Cheese of the Month Club — December

Digital Short - Dick in a Box - Uncensored Version Just replacing the broken link from earlier. Enjoy.

January 2007

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Who cares. It is a MiniSoft product and, as such, is a mess of patches and ill conceived attempts at emulating real operating systems. The only thing this dinosaur does is provide employment for all the non-social pimply faced freaks who still believe t

[IP] 10 technologies that refuse to die

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[&] dEa India cricket team in the Emrald Island The Indian team is in Sri Lanka to play the tri nation tournament along with South Africa. Bolstered by the return of maestro Sachin Tendulkar, the team shows some promise. [&] :: Your #1 Top Gear and Fifth Gear Fansite

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We are aware of the issue and are currently working on resolving the problem. Please stick with us and thanks for your patience.

Cardboard Jewelry Boxes

Presenting such a gift with no proper wrapping is not good form. I like to make sure that I have extra cardboard jewelry boxes on hand for just such an emergency. You can tell that the person who receives one of these gift wrapped boxes is delighted by th

CrunchGear » Blog Archive » The Best (and Worst) Console Game Innovations Ever

Let see there was that modem for the SNES and Genesis, Dreamcast fishing poll, SNES bazuca, Reactor vest which was giant speaker, Virtual Boy, Genesis portable (play Geny games on your portable), Game Gear TV which didn’t work on all Game Gears, Jag

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An effective leader also steers his vessel and by this sets an example for others. The leadership qualities enable the person to earn the respect of others around him and at the same time be a model to them. Vision and the ability to predict the forthcomi

John Nack on Adobe: 10.4.8 boosts Photoshop 35% on Mactel

Great news - I ordered an Intel iMac (2.16 GHz with 2GB RAM) today and was worried (to say in the least) about the CS2 performance issue.

Digg Cheaters Get Caught

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I find this pathetic that they did this. How much money did they game of people submitting stories? How many users did they ban, all while making money?

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