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April 2007

The only difference between GPod Radio and the rantings of a crazy man is; GPod Radio is not crazy at all!

We still have many lessons to learn. We need teachers like you.

March 2007

KODAK: Copyright Guidelines

EXPLANATION TO CUSTOMER The customer is likely to be upset over our refusal to make the copies. Your task is to provide them with sufficient information so they understand the reasons for the decision, and give them a method to solve the problem. The

Bad Behavior / Bad Behaviour - Homeland Stupidity

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Bad Behavior was designed and built by watching actual spambots which harvested email addresses, posted comment spam, and used fake referrers. By logging their entire HTTP requests and comparing them to HTTP requests of legitimate users, it is possible to

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I hope you have another job lined up. It is pretty hard these days to get a new job.

February 2007

Accomplishments Of Divinci

For a wider perspective of this book and its author, including pictures, excerpts, autobiographical information, plus details on where to purchase the book, please use the following link:

Boxes : Bio Pak Take Out Boxes and Containers: MrTakeOutBags

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You can also inexpensively customized your Bio-Pak take-out container with your business card, custom labels, hemp twine, or any other specialty item. You can even have your establishments name custom printed on the Bio Pak!

Discounts, promotions and savings on goods and services in the home, garden and to suit your lifestyle

Get ready for outdoor life with the new Cotswold winter range Big Savings on Top Branded Products. Limited Time Only Special Offers on Buffalo,Macpac,Hellrunner, Great deals on Footwear, Rucksacks & Luggage, Tents,Stoves and Cooking utensils, Lanterns

program logger

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IRC spyware IRC spyware about blank adware about blank fix about blank hijack about blank homepage about blank removal about blank remove about blank virus about blank anti spy ware chat logger chat loggers credit card recorder delete spyware email record

YUI: Effects Widget 0.8

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The latest version now monitors the effects animation & will not run again if it is still animating. This will prevent the dreaded "multiple crazy click" problem, where the effect would run on top of itself if the effect was fired off more than once (

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