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April 2008

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I’ll be getting into more specifics of the DVD in the next entry, but I wanted to end this post with one of the many quotable things that Lehman says during the DVD. He says that parents who keep using their current unsuccessful techniques need to learn

February 2007 :: Yoga Guides to Jumpstart your Mission for Inner Peace

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Order our Guides and learn how to master Yoga in the fastest and most efficient way - find the path of enlightenment right in your own home!

Glass Bottom Dishes - specialized petri dishes for imaging cell cultures using high resolution microscopes

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Glass Bottom Dish Applications Microscopic applications in which these glass bottom dishes are routinely used include: Confocal Microscopy, High Resolution Microscopy, Fluorescence Imaging, Live Cell Imaging, Phase Contrast Microscopy, Differential

How to cheat aka Test Taking Mastery -

The key in these classes are that since the classes are so big, most of the tests are multiple choice. Multiple choice tests are by far the easiest to cheat on. There are a few simple techniques to ensure a very good grade without knowing a smart person t

January 2007