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June 2008

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If you are showing the date after posts, this will allow you to configure the date format (using the standard PHP date() format)

April 2008

Medieval 2: Total War - TWC Wiki

by 37 others
A modification for Medieval II - Total War which combines bug fixes, many other small mods and other changes.

April 2007

The only difference between GPod Radio and the rantings of a crazy man is; GPod Radio is not crazy at all!

March 2007

AT&T Natural Voices - Demos (Interactive)

Welcome to the AT&T Natural Voices Text-to-Speech Engine demo! Here you have the opportunity to "test drive" what we believe is the most realistic, human-sounding synthetic speech system today. For more information on what you are about to hear, see

Chrysalis - Ray Gross Misc

by 9 others
Struggling genius Graham Godfrey, together with his select team of young discoverers, is led from Georgetown University to the mysterious Bainbridge Institute by his ambitious uncle in a quest to harness a new quantum energy source. But the project takes

February 2007

Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way - Pope John Paul II Religion & Spiritual / Christianity

by 14 others
More than just a collection of memories, however, Rise Let Us Be On Our Way is also a call to action. In discussing issues like the strength of mercy, the importance of harmony between faith, reason and the heart, and the necessity of encouraging children

3000 Degrees - Sean Flynn Biography

by 18 others
PLEASE NOTE: This is the abridged version. An unabridged version of 3000 Degrees is also available on Spoken Network

Lather, Rinse, Repeat: A Tour of the REPL

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To try the REPL, you need a Lisp expression that can be read, evaluated, and printed. One of the simplest kinds of Lisp expressions is a number. At the Lisp prompt, you can type 10 followed by Return and should see something like this: