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19 March 2007

01 March 2007

28 February 2007

Borges: Garden of Forking Paths - Author Homepage

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Reality may avoid the obligation to be interesting, but hypothesis may not (Online Articles) A collection of links to articles about Borges and his work.

Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way - Pope John Paul II Religion & Spiritual / Christianity

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More than just a collection of memories, however, Rise Let Us Be On Our Way is also a call to action. In discussing issues like the strength of mercy, the importance of harmony between faith, reason and the heart, and the necessity of encouraging children

22 February 2007

3000 Degrees - Sean Flynn Biography

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PLEASE NOTE: This is the abridged version. An unabridged version of 3000 Degrees is also available on Spoken Network

21 February 2007

20 February 2007

19 February 2007

24 January 2007