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May 2008

April 2008

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That all changes with Total Pro Golf 2. Utilizing an updated interface and a new “three-click” system, a gamer can feel he or she has more control over the results of their golf shot. In addition to normal, over swing and easy swing, games can now cho

April 2007

opensourcemac []

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Synfig ( Synfig is a powerful, industrial-strength vector-based 2D animation software package, designed from the ground-up for producing feature-film quality animation with fewer people and resources. While there are many other prog

March 2007

Brainwave Symphony - Dr Jeffrey Thompson Religion & Spiritual / Meditation

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All brainwave frequencies were scored by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson whose innovative work, based on over 20 years of clinical research, is used by healthcare professionals in 26 countries. - Web Site Design Pricing

We have carefully constructed a pricing chart that covers all the associated costs of developing a web site from start to finish. Although your web design project may differ depending on your specific needs, you can use the pricing chart below to get a ba

Phil Bradley: Finding what you need with the best search engines

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Search engines that help you find whatever you are looking for. This is a collection of helpful resources to assist you in finding information.

OpenVPN - An Open Source SSL VPN Solution by James Yonan

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No. While OpenVPN uses the SSL/TLS protocol for security, OpenVPN is not a web application proxy. It is an OSI layer 2 or 3 full-mesh internetwork tunneling solution and requires that OpenVPN be installed on both clien

February 2007

Advancing information mastery in family practice - Editorial Journal of Family Practice - Find Articles

Even the reader who does not carefully review the methods section of an evidence-based clinical review can assume a degree of confidence in the validity of the conclusions, knowing that the review has undergone peer review by both content experts and expe - Work from Home Business Opportunity Education

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Freelancing - The Best Home Based Opportunity If you are considering telecommuting and are currently searching for a home based opportunity, then you need to research freelance home based jobs....

To Be a Super Business Mom (Create Income Working at Home)

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5. Know the things that you need first before going online. This saves a lot of time rather than surfing aimlessly and go nowhere. If net searching is such a task, teenage children can be of use or plainly hire a virtual assistant.

Business Opportunity In Home Based Business at Home Based Business Guide

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CNW Group - Attention Business Editors: Bridgewater Systems and Oracle Conduct Interoperability ... The testing pairs Bridgewater Systems Home Subscriber Server (HSS) with Oracle ... as part of the Oracle SDP Partner Initiative provides Bridgewater with a

January 2007

Determining whether USB 2.0 is on your Windows XP machine

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If you see an entry containing the words Enhanced USB Controller, then the system has a USB 2.0 controller. If you see an entry containing the words USB Controller, the system has a USB 1.1 controller.

Artist Gerhardt Thompson at

The end result is something quite unique that cannot be recreated elsewhere. Even the light is different. The intensity of the Australian sun is second to nowhere and creates its own special magic that while absolutely beautiful, is also a challange to ha

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