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So how does someone with adult ADHD, or even ADHD symptoms, keep focused on a task in this kind of environment? Its no wonder youre distracted!

King Size Mattress Width

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February 2007

Green Mile - Stephen King Misc

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Guards as decent as Paul Edgecombe and as sadistic as Percy Wetmore watch over them. But good or evil, innocent or guilty, none has ever seen the brutal likes of the new prisoner, John Coffey, sentenced to death for raping and murdering two young girls.

Beatles Here Comes The Sun Beatles The

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January 2007

Cell - Stephen King Fiction / Thriller / Technological

by 30 others
Within ten hours, most people would be dead or insane. A young artist Clayton Riddell realises what is happening. And together with Tom McCourt and a teenage girl called Alice, he flees the devastation of explosive, burning Boston, desperate to reach his