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29 March 2007

24 March 2007

Fatal Voyage - Kathy Reichs Fiction / Thriller / Legal & Medical

by 15 others
Temperance Brennan hears the news on her car radio. An Air TransSouth flight has gone down in the mountains of western North Carolina, taking with it eighty-eight passengers and crew. As...

23 March 2007

24/7 - Jim Brown Fiction / Thriller / Horror & Suspense

by 28 others
On a small Caribbean island a woman joins the newest reality TV show: 24/7. For Dana Kirsten, winning the $2 million prize could mean saving her child's life. But while the country is watching her...

22 March 2007

HORRORFIND The Horror and Halloween Search Engine

Disclaimer: disclaims any responsibility for your terror, horror, horrific nightmares, witch spells cast upon you, ghosts inhabiting your house, demons in your walls or in your head, severed hands that may choke or chase you, werewolves tha

Horror-Wood Webzine -- For Classic And Cult Horror Movie And Monster Film Fans

"Absolutely one of the best webzines for devotees of monster movies." --SciFi Channel

Horror & Suspense Movies

by 5 others
RYAN_REYNOLDS-ANDREW_DOUGLASSin CityBai Ooops!Famke Janssen, Dakota Fanning, Elisabeth ShueJennifer Tilly

20 March 2007

18 Seconds - George D. Shuman Fiction / Thriller / Crime

by 10 others
A law enforcement veteran himself, George Shuman packs a realistic style and authentic investigative detail into this taunt tale filled with pulse pounding tension that will send listeners right to the edge. George D. Sh

20 February 2007

17 February 2007

IMDb Bottom 100

by 4 others
In order to appear in the Bottom 100 Titles chart the title must have received at least 650 votes.