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April 2007

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Four Modes of Seeking Information and How to Design for Them - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

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2. ExploratoryIn an exploratory task, people have some idea of what they need to know. However, they may or may not know how to articulate it and, if they can, may not yet know the right words to use. They may not know where to start to look. They will us

February 2007

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Mortgages for people with bad credit

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Home Loan Programs You have found that dream home, now which of the home loan programs is right for you? There is no simple answer to that question; home loan programs need to be studied to choose what is best. This all... What about Taxes

January 2007

13 things that do not make sense - space - 19 March 2005 - New Scientist Space

Levin stands by his claim, and he is no longer alone. Joe Miller, a cell biologist at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, has re-analysed the data and he thinks that the emissions show evidence of a circadian cycle. That is highly sugges

Stopdesign | Zoom layout

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I am developing a site that will have low vision options available. before I went to atMedia I was just going to provide a larger font version and a black/yellow version. But now Joe talks about the zoom layout, should this replace my other versions? ie t

Investment Land for Sale

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Best Plots specialise in providing plots of land for sale to long-term investors. Our sites are, typically, situated close to existing development in areas which have been identified as standing good long-term chances of gaining planning permission. A res

Apple logo birthmark on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This birthmark will become like my Commodore birthmark I was born with when Apple goes belly up... :D Posted 19 hours ago. ( permalink )

Pruning · The Ultimate Fruit Trees Blog · Selecting and planting fruit trees - the easy way

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Other possession that you keep to study when hedgerow a payment bush it whether or not it is acquiring all of the sunlight it needs to continue. You holdings maintain to be steadfast it doesn't get too tremendously sun. If your shrub doesn't get

Cameco anticipates boom in uranium demand from China | Mining and Drilling News | Pertambangan

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One analyst predicted the market for uranium will continue to boom after years of low prices discouraged production and boosted consumption. Spot prices for uranium have risen 75 per cent this year to $63 (U.S.) a pound and show no signs of easing, said J

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