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August 2008

25 Tasty 3D Graphic Design Treats | You the Designer

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Never forget 3D graphic videos cartoon still have a great future

July 2008

MySpace Flash Layouts

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MySpace Flash Layouts can be interactive, visually impressive, and even seem like websites with multiple pages. With the use of Adobe Flash, our talented design team can add movement, interactivity and content-management system through the use of intricat

June 2008

April 2008

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[&] 25 Code Snippets for Web Designers (Part1) Elenco di script e widgets per siti web e blog [via] [&]

March 2007

Learning, Doing, Selling: 2006 IA Summit Wrapup: Overview and Pre-conference sessions - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

Where was this session when we started our careers in technology? How many times were you told, “That’s a great idea, but we’ll never be able to sell it. The CEO really wants…” We could have saved untold teeth-gnashing had Management Innovation