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January 2008

US tops world Connectivity Scorecard despite broadband ills

When it comes to using information technology well, people power is as important as wires, chips, and radio signals. That's one of the assumptions driving the new Connectivity Scorecard benchmark put together by Leonard Waverman of the London Business School. Waverman found that the US takes the worldwide lead on "connectivity" when measured in this way, but subpar broadband infrastructure holds the country back.

Magistrate judge suggests sanctions against RIAA lawyers

The RIAA's habit of roping numerous unrelated defendants into a single "John Doe" lawsuit has drawn the attention of a federal magistrate—and not in a good way. In the case of Arista v. Does 1-27, a lawsuit targeting students at the University of Maine, Magistrate Judge Margaret J. Kravchuk suggests that the court look into imposing Rule 11 sanctions on the RIAA's legal team.

The future is bright: Mozilla revenues up 26 percent, Google deal is gold

Mozilla published financial statements earlier this week showing that the organization made $66.8 million in revenue for 2006, a 26 percent increase from 2005. That's some strong growth, and it shows that Mozilla has the potential for long-term fiscal sustainability.

Are breathalyzers accurate? DWI defendant wants source code

The "source code defense" has become a popular one, in part because the companies that make the devices are so reluctant to reveal their proprietary code that cases are often dropped instead.

E-Commerce News: Time Warner Starts the Meter in Net Access Experiment

Time Warner's plan includes installing bandwidth meters on new high-speed accounts and giving users access to a Web page where they can track how much they have consumed and upgrade to more expensive plans if necessary. Users will pay on a per-gigabyte basis for bandwidth they use above and beyond their plan.

August 2006

Google Analytics: We're open! Instant access now available

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Google Analytics is now open for sign-up. No invitation needed.

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