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February 2008

House Holds Bush Aides in Contempt - NYT

The House voted Thursday to hold two of President Bush's confidants in contempt for failing to cooperate with an inquiry into whether a purge of federal prosecutors was politically motivated.

January 2008

BBC | Thompson quits White House race

Former US Senator Fred Thompson has withdrawn from the Republican presidential race, after a string of poor finishes in early voting rounds.

Paul Krugman: Debunking the Reagan Myth - SPIEGEL

the furor over Barack Obama's praise for Ronald Reagan is not, as some think, overblown.

October 2006

Whiskey Bar: Friends in High Places

Time magazine is reporting that Rep. Jane Harman, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, is under investigation for her ties to the Israel lobby

Competitive Era Fails to Shrink Electric Bills - NYT

A decade after competition was introduced in their industries, long-distance phone rates had fallen by half, air fares by more than a fourth and trucking rates by a fourth. But a decade after the federal government opened the business of generating electricity to competition, the market has produced no such decline.

Guardian | French MPs pass Armenian genocide bill

The French lower house of parliament today passed a bill making it a crime to deny that Armenians suffered genocide at the hands of Ottoman Turks after the first world war.

Paper: Detainee Lawyer Must Leave Navy

The Navy lawyer who led a successful Supreme Court challenge of the Bush administration's military tribunals for detainees at Guantanamo Bay has been passed over for promotion and will have to leave the military, The Miami Herald reported Sunday.

August 2006

Tories open nine-point lead as Labour drops to 19-year low

Guardian: UK public too (like Spain and Italy) unhappy with ruling party's Iraq action.

Calendars show Armitage met reporter

AP: Armitage is Woodward's source on Plame?

Lieberman says Rumsfeld Should Quit

SPI: After being ejected from the Democratic party, Joementum starts adopting their positions!

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