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January 2008

Web Site Assembles U.S. Prewar Claims - NYT

Students of how the Bush administration led the nation into the Iraq war can now go online to browse a comprehensive database of top officials’ statements before the invasion...

October 2006

BBC | Security firms 'abusing Iraqis'

Private security firms operating in Iraq are committing human rights abuses, a charity has claimed.

Lieberman’s Words on War Show Some Shifts - NYT

NYT gives examples of Leiberman's self-serving shifting positions on Iraq.

BBC | US 'cannot stay course' in Iraq

A senior US state department official earlier said that the US has shown "arrogance and stupidity" in Iraq.

Guardian | ITN reporter Terry Lloyed unlawfully killed, inquest rules

ITN reporter Terry Lloyd was unlawfully killed when he came under fire from American troops in Iraq, a coroner ruled today. Andrew Walker, the assistant deputy coroner of Oxfordshire, said he would take steps to see if the soldiers responsible could be brought to justice.

Strmz Video: Clinton Says Cheney Party to Saddam Atrocities in '80's

...I think they thought [the Iraqi invasion] might clean their own skirts a little since most of what Saddam did that was really terrible, he did when he had the full support of the Republican administrations in the 80's -- of which Dick Cheney was a part.

BBC | Medic says marines murdered Iraqi

A Navy medic has told his court-martial in California how US marines seized an Iraqi civilian, threw him into a hole and shot him in the head 10 times.

September 2006

BBC | Israel 'trains Iraqi Kurd forces'

The revelation is set to cause enormous problems for the Kurds, not only in Iraq but also in the wider region.

August 2006

Tories open nine-point lead as Labour drops to 19-year low

Guardian: UK public too (like Spain and Italy) unhappy with ruling party's Iraq action.

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