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31 January 2008 22:15

US tops world Connectivity Scorecard despite broadband ills

When it comes to using information technology well, people power is as important as wires, chips, and radio signals. That's one of the assumptions driving the new Connectivity Scorecard benchmark put together by Leonard Waverman of the London Business School. Waverman found that the US takes the worldwide lead on "connectivity" when measured in this way, but subpar broadband infrastructure holds the country back.

31 January 2008 22:00

Tipped over: social influence "tipping point" theory debunked

Clive Thompson has been getting some well-deserved attention for his recent Fast Company piece, in which Columbia University sociologist Duncan Watts explodes the hierarchical theory of social influence and trend propagation popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in the bestselling book The Tipping Point.

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