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Passing the Buck on Environmental Damage -- ScienceNOW

Humans inflicted $47 trillion worth of damage to the environment from 1961 to 2000, according to a new study, and poor nations are disproportionately footing the bill. Taking their estimates a step further, the researchers conclude that high- and middle-income nations owe poor nations $3.2 trillion for the damage their development has caused.

Biotech groups desert international agriculture project | Guardian

Monsanto, Syngenta and BASF resigned after a draft report from the project highlighted the risks of GM crops and said they could pose problems for the developing world.


Guardian | Humans using resources of two planets, WWF warns

If everyone lived as Britons did, three planets would be needed to sustain the world's population, the group said.

Rare Woodpecker Sends a Town Running for Its Chain Saws - NYT

Over the past six months, landowners here have been clear-cutting thousands of trees to keep them from becoming homes for the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker.

BBC | State sues car firms on climate

The state of California is suing six carmakers for costs associated with their cars' greenhouse gas emissions.


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