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July 2005


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what are strangers thinking as you pass them on the street?

April 2005

Web Introduction to Botanical Index to Thoreau's Journal

Shall I not have intelligence with the earth? Am I not partly leaves and vegetable mould myself?

Research on Place and Space

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The purpose of this set of resources is to try to cross-pollinate the notion of place across disciplines.

Andreas Broeckmann: A Visual Economy of Individuals

PhD thesis on The Use of Portrait Photography in the Nineteenth-Century Human Sciences

The Practice of Everyday Life - Michel de Certeau

describing the tactics available to the common man for reclaiming his own autonomy from the all-pervasive forces of commerce, politics, and culture.

Selected excerpts from Thoreau's Redemptive Imagination on "Walking"

from the American Transendentalism Web - - a place to go in itselfl

ChangeThis :: ChangeThis

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on a mission to spread importat ideas and change minds

March 2005

Online papers on consciousness

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"in defense of impenetrable zombies", anyone?

Desire lines

Desire lines are the foot-‍worn paths that sometimes appear in a landscape over time.

February 2005

Piggin.Net Macro-Typography: Footnotes

Integrate footnotes into the main flow of text and style them with CSS

January 2005

Writing a Social Content Engine with RDF

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publish, categorize, and pivot, Rinse, and repeat....

Many-to-Many: Social sharing service tutorial from corante

“implicit social discovery”, the pattern behind, Flikr, and Webjay

Books We Like

the people's republic of books: online shopping to effect change

Thingster Overview

Thingster lets you share information about your favorite places and experiences.