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June 2005

Ananova - 'Merman' spotted in Caspian

"At the beginning we thought it was a big fish, but then we spotted hair on the head of the monster and ... the front part of his body was equipped with arms."

Botero's anger at Abu Ghraib on display in Rome

Botero told Reuters he hoped his works would be a "permanent witness to a great crime" in much the same way Picasso's "Guernica" has become a permanent reminder of the tragedies of the Spanish Civil War.

May 2005

The Annotated New York Times

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another take on customising news: this site tracks blog commentary on NYTimes articles by topic and author

Headshift's.taggable interface for BBC News

Headshift | social tagging for the BBC

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discusses another tagging interface for BBC News that also pulls in content from, Technorati and Flickr BBC NEWS | News Front Page

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interface enabling users to tag BBC news stories - imagine this done for other online news providers

April 2005


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Buzztracker is software that visualizes frequencies and relationships between locations in the Google world news directory.

March 2005 the dying newspaper

"I've been involved with newspapers, in some form or another, for a quarter century. If I don't see a compelling reason to read them, why should anyone else?"

Okapiland Explorer

shortcut navigation software for web search, news story and RSS content that displays linked pages instead of hyperlinks

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: No Headline Necessary

the most sophisticated piece of political propaganda this new century has seen?

Google & Public Opinion - How Slippery is this Slope? |

Less than 50% of all total searches - where is the tipping point?

serence klipfolio

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an information awareness and notification application for Windows | get your war on | page 45

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Get Your Schiavo On - ..umm, is there a feed available for this?

New Scientist Breaking News - Maximum pain is aim of new US weapon

researchers to look for "optimal pulse parameters to evoke peak nociceptor activation" - in other words, cause the maximum pain possible.

February 2005

TCS: Tech Central Station - Chasing the Long Tail

mass media continues breaking apart into smaller and smaller fractals

Wired 12.10: The Long Tail

The future of entertainment is in the millions of niche markets at the shallow end of the bitstream.

The Balance Bar

browser extension programmed to allow any user to editorialize any web page

January 2005

Dan Gillmor: Newspapers: Open Your Archives

why pay-per-view archives should be a thing of the past

The Woolamaloo Gazette

Waterstone's employee sacked for blogging

pseudorandom: When Does $350 Million Equal 42 Hours?

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amount given by the US gov to date for tsunami relief = 42.27hrs worth of war in Iraq

June 2004

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