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June 2005

Science Daily: Australia's Megafauna Coexisted With Humans

Humans and "gigantic three tonne wombat-like creatures", amongst others, co-existed for 15,000 years.

May 2005

What's Wilderness Worth? | Outside Online

Bruce Barcott: "As a Matter of Fact, Money Does Grow on Trees" - the economic value of wilderness

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Scientists find new Indian monkey

make that two! species of monkey unknown to science photographed in India by research team

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | New African monkey discovered

The highland mangabey, as it is called, lives in the trees and is thought to be closely related to the baboon family.

April 2005

Guardian Unlimited Books | Robert Macfarlane on Annie Dillard

Dillard speaks unashamedly of the spirit, and how it is accommodated by, extended by, animated in, landscape.

Web Introduction to Botanical Index to Thoreau's Journal

Shall I not have intelligence with the earth? Am I not partly leaves and vegetable mould myself?

February 2005

Voices of the Frasassi Caves: 'geophonic' music Elica - cooker hoods

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