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16 April 2005

Library clips :: Social bookmarks so far%u2026 :: April :: 2005

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Good article on folksonomies and the present state/future possibilities of tagging

07 April 2005

Tag Central

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an honest stab at searching, cross-app, by tag

29 March 2005

27 March 2005

25 March 2005

20 March 2005

Advancing Insights: Glossary of terms

...lots of little chequered [] images....

Advancing Insights: Ideascape

Ideascape is an Internet-Managed Service for creating dynamic, interactive meeting places on the net. Meeting places that make a deep-web presence possible

05 March 2005

04 March 2005

03 March 2005

Desire lines

Desire lines are the foot-‍worn paths that sometimes appear in a landscape over time.

01 March 2005

David Galbraith, of Wist, on Wist

ongoing aim to ...slowly evolve a tool for managing and syndicating image headlines.