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June 2005

The Pharmaceutical Journal: Freud, Sherlock Holmes and Coca Cola — the cocaine connection

"I gradually weaned him from that drug mania which had threatened once to check his remarkable career."

May 2005

The People Own Ideas! by Lawrence Lessig

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Will we be more or less free to remix culture in the 21st century than we were in previous centuries?

Creative Archive Licence Group: Rick Prelinger's speech

Filmmaker and founder of the Prelinger Archives, Rick Prelinger on open licensing: "Nobody disagrees with plenty".

Creative Archive Licence Group: rip, mix and share the BBC

a BBC led initiative to provide access to public service audio and video archives: fuel for a creative nation.

On commodifying the hacker/DIY ethic: The Man 1 Radicals 0?

Assembled relations shift, will continue to shift, and that's never a neutral occurrence.

April 2005

fluxus debris! art / not art

"...this substitute art-amusement must be simple, amusing, concerned with insignificances, have no commodity or institutional value"


Long long ago, back when the world was young - that is, sometime around the year 1958 - a lot of artists and composers and other people who wanted to do beautiful things began to look at the world around them in a new way (for them).

Alison Knowles: The Big Book

"The Big Book is an eight foot tall construction by Alison Knowles which has a front cover and several pages, and contains a stove, telephone, chemical toilet, art gallery, electric fan, books and other necessities of life."

George Maciunas Radio Interview: KRAB Seattle, September 1977

"George could you tell me what Flux is?" ...usually kids like our stuff or people not expecting art... The original 55 minute broadcast divided into 8 separate audio clips.

Hannah Higgins on being a Fluxus child

"Mordecai MacLow is a tenured astrophysicist at Hayden Planetarium; Bracken Hendricks started the Apollo Alliance, which is a political action group designed to bring together causes of labor and the environment. Most Fluxus kids have tended to desire, pr

Sulaitis: Fluxus - the legacy of George Maciunas

George Maciunas was an artist ahead of his time, who happened to be Lithuanian.

March 2005


This paper gives an overview of the development of visual poetry in the twentieth century; it then introduces theoretical issues in holopoetry and discusses new holopoems created between 1989 and 1991.

February 2005

TCS: Tech Central Station - Chasing the Long Tail

mass media continues breaking apart into smaller and smaller fractals

Wired 12.10: The Long Tail

The future of entertainment is in the millions of niche markets at the shallow end of the bitstream.

The Balance Bar

browser extension programmed to allow any user to editorialize any web page

Voices of the Frasassi Caves: 'geophonic' music Elica - cooker hoods

Camp Catatonia

where brains burn brightly

January 2005

April 2004


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an art-technology-philosophy group of basket weaving enthusiasts and theory do-it-yourselfers having its seat in Vienna and Zeta Draconis

Britannia Moribundia

"the faltering pulse of a worn-out, dingy and cherishably threadbare UK..."

== Free Culture ==

This site collects content related to FREE CULTURE, the book. by Lawrence Lessig.

WorldChanging: Another World Is Here

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"another world is not just possible, it's here. We only need to put the pieces together."

March 2004