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July 2005

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culiblog: irreverent, arty, fascinating blog about food

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I took home some of those organic strawberries from Brabant last Sunday and by Monday morning I had turned eating strawberries into a yoga breathing practice.

Botero's anger at Abu Ghraib on display in Rome

Botero told Reuters he hoped his works would be a "permanent witness to a great crime" in much the same way Picasso's "Guernica" has become a permanent reminder of the tragedies of the Spanish Civil War.

Space Art in Children's books 1950's to 1970's

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The illustrations in these books show facts (as they were known) mixed in with the fantasy of space flight

May 2005

A Day in the Life of a Musician

From 4.27 to 6.47 pm various occupations (fencing, reflection, immobility, visits, contemplation, dexterity, natation, etc.)..."

April 2005

Wrights & Sites

we aim to explore and celebrate site ... through site-specific performance, mis-guided walks & published Mis-Guides, 'drifts', mythogeographic mapping and public presentations & articles.

The Analysis of Infinitely Small Things

a collaborative research project designed to examine and analyze the realm of the Infinitely Small. What things are so Infinitely Small that we do not notice them around us?


Resistance to tourism, the recruitment of many gazes, serial tasks, pilferings from pilgrimage, mythogeography, the philosophy of road safety and the low-level paranoia of genre movies...

walking as knowing as making: walking exchange

" intended... to engage contemporary artists and groups who employ a critical tool to investigate and destabilize ... notions of place and landscape"

fluxus debris! art / not art

"...this substitute art-amusement must be simple, amusing, concerned with insignificances, have no commodity or institutional value"


Long long ago, back when the world was young - that is, sometime around the year 1958 - a lot of artists and composers and other people who wanted to do beautiful things began to look at the world around them in a new way (for them).

Eduardo Paolozzi, 1924-2005.

Eduardo Paolozzi in conversation with J. G. Ballard and Frank Whitford. Studio International, Vol 182, 1971.

Alison Knowles: The Big Book

"The Big Book is an eight foot tall construction by Alison Knowles which has a front cover and several pages, and contains a stove, telephone, chemical toilet, art gallery, electric fan, books and other necessities of life."

George Maciunas Radio Interview: KRAB Seattle, September 1977

"George could you tell me what Flux is?" ...usually kids like our stuff or people not expecting art... The original 55 minute broadcast divided into 8 separate audio clips.

Hannah Higgins on being a Fluxus child

"Mordecai MacLow is a tenured astrophysicist at Hayden Planetarium; Bracken Hendricks started the Apollo Alliance, which is a political action group designed to bring together causes of labor and the environment. Most Fluxus kids have tended to desire, pr

Sulaitis: Fluxus - the legacy of George Maciunas

George Maciunas was an artist ahead of his time, who happened to be Lithuanian.

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