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11 May 2006

3tunes - Opening Pandora's Box

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3tunes is a time-shifting application for the website It grabs the music information from the titlebar of Mozilla Firefox and then saves the music with the correct track information, in the format of %artist% - %title%.mp3.

07 May 2006

01 May 2006

26 April 2006

23 April 2006

22 April 2006

Logitech Products > Design Controllers & Software

NuLOOQ navigator™ and NuLOOQ tooldial™ are exciting new products, designed specifically to help Mac-based Creative Professionals work smarter. NuLOOQ navigator is an elegant control device that complements your mouse and keyboard; while tooldial is a customizable interface that simplifies your day-to-day workflow. Together or separately, they work to improve control and creativity. Navigator and tooldial currently work with Adobe® Creative Suite 2 versions of Photoshop®, Illustrator® and InDesign®, for Mac® OS X only.

21 April 2006

20 April 2006

19 April 2006

Coco Ribbon

A Beautiful Life

18 April 2006

17 April 2006

15 April 2006

13 April 2006

11 April 2006

18 March 2006

14 March 2006

coComment - clear conversation in the blogosphere

by 61 others
Clear Conversation in the Blogosphere.

13 March 2006

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