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July 2007


AroundWord is a free and open Blog Publishing System built upon the great web framework Pylons. Currently, AroundWord is in early planning and development. You are welcome to take participate in the development: Main Features * Multi-user * Atom/RSS feeds * Trackbacks * OpenID for users that want to comment (this would avoid to use anti-spam feauture) * Anti-spam * Plugin * Theme * Tags * Multi-blog ? (but with a different data base for each blog) * Plug-in system * Easy to install for end users (as easy as wordpress if possible) Development Currently, we are building the models. More details about development here ( The AroundWord team is happy to take contributions, patches and bug-fixes. We use the following code conventions: * PEP 8 - Style Guide for Python Code * PEP 257 - Docstring Conventions The Mercurial repository can be accessed via: AroundWord is a free and open Blog Publishing System built on Python using the most advanced technologies: * Framework: Tesla upon Pylons * Database Engine: SQLAlchemy + Elixir + SAContext * Templates: Mako * Widgets and Forms: ToscaWidgets + twForms + FormEncode * Authorization and Authentication: AuthKit * Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (L10n): Babel * JavaScript Library: jQuery * Site Search: Xapian

January 2007

esphères identitaires

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Je suis en train de tester trois outils de construction des CV en ligne: Emurse, Amiko et Gojobby qui a été racheté par Jobster. Ce test m'aidera à mieux évaluer les fonctionnalités d'un outil que nous développons dans le cadre de KITE. Un projet co-financé au titre du programme européen Leonardo Da Vinci et dont le but est de promouvoir l'utilisation de l'Europass-CV via le développement d'un plugin pour trois blogs open source (DotClear, WordPress et ELGG) permettant de renseigner son CV et de le partager, de le publier en ligne et de l'exporter en format ODT, PDF, HTML et XHTML. Ce plugin, outre le fait qu'il est rendu disponible sous une licence GPL, est également conforme avec HR-XML SEP 2.4 et FOAF. Je voulais donc avoir une bonne idée de ce qui se faisait ailleurs avant notre réunion la semaine prochaine à Budapest au siège d'EDEN.

WordPress - Wikipédia

système de gestion de contenu libre écrit en PHP et reposant sur une base de données MySQL. WordPress est surtout utilisé comme logiciel de blog, mais ses fonctionnalités lui permettent également de gérer un site personnel. Il est distribué sous la Licence publique générale GNU. Le logiciel est aussi à l'origine du service

Wordpress Templates «

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This is a list of the new ten best Free Wordpress Templates available on the Internet. Wordpress is an amazing open source blogging platform. Which means anyone out there on the internet can take it and use or modify it. One of the best things about Wordpress is the large number of free templates available. In fact there are so many free templates available for Wordpress that it has become overwhelming to find the best quality templates. I have tried my best to collect the best free Wordpress templates available out there. A lot of great designer and programmer are out there, who have spent there time and effort to develop these free Wordpress templates. I see a lot of people using the same free templates over and over again hopefully this will help you discover new free templates available for Wordpress. Even though I am listing only the best free Wordpress templates you can always go through the website of the author who designed these free Wordpress templates and discover more quality templates. Most of the templates here are rated according to their design in fact if you compare their features they might not score so high. But you can always modify them to suit your own need. For example K2 is great template with support for a huge variety of plug-ins by default. With out further ado I present you the ten best free Wordpress templates.

Using WordPress as CMS | blogHelper

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WordPress (WP) has always been a highly versatile blogging platform, even way back in v1.2. So versatile that many have attempted to push it to the next level, and use it as a more conventional content management system (CMS) - not unlike Drupal, XOOPS, Joomla, and gang. And if the coverage a recent post on using WordPress to run a magazine or news website got is indicative of the interest people have in pushing the limits of WP, then there’s still a whole bucket load of it now. So, here’s little me starting a series of posts on Using WordPress as a CMS - from the more theoretical to the more practical (sub)topics. Hopefully, the things I’ve learnt while playing with WP so far will come in useful to some of you.

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