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July 2007

5-Minute Video Presentations About Python

5-Minute Presentations About Python Checking out Python but don't have the time to read the manuals? Relax and watch a video or two that demonstrate the power and flexiblity of Python. The following videos are placeholders until a complete set of 5-minute presentations can be developed or located. If you'd like to help, please send an email to advocate AT python DOT org along with some idea of your background in the topic you'd like to cover.

journées francophone python - Google Video

Videoa des journées francophone python 2007

Audio/Video Resources for Python

Audio/Video Instructional Materials for Python There is a growing body of podcasts, screencasts and video presentations for the Python community and here we have collected some of the best and provide a roadmap to the rest. And as we would like to encourage more materials, we also provide some pointers to how you can get started sharing your knowledge as well. For those seeking an introduction to Python and what it is capable of, we have ten 5-minute videos that give an overview of some usage domain of Python. And for those wanting to automate the retrieval of these materials, here is a Python script that parses XML/RSS feeds and downloads the items. Note: The difference between a screencast and a video is a semantic one, but generally a screencast is a video lecture that focuses on looking at actual source code or other such text on the presenter's desktop. A video, as the term is used here, is usually shot with a standalone camera of a presenter talking, sometimes and sometimes not with a readable view of his slides. Or put another way, a screencast is a movie of software and requires higher quality video than a talking head lecture.

March 2007

Zope/Plone, Ruby on Rails, Turbogears, Django and J2EE.

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A practical comparison between Zope/Plone, Ruby on Rails, Turbogears, Django and J2EE.

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