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11 August 2007 09:30

pynetfilter_conntrack - INL software - Trac

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pynetfilter_conntrack is a Python binding of libnetfilter_conntrack. The binding is the file and you have also a clone of conntrack program: See also pyctd project. What's this? ΒΆ This python library is based on libnetfilter_conntrack, which lets you manipulate conntrack objects. In other words, pynetfilter_conntrack lets you deal with Netfilter's stateful inspection objects from the Python world. Practically, for the administrator, this means you can now easily close connections of your choice on your Linux [2.6] firewall. You can also receive informations about all connections (how many packets have gone through, how many bytes, etc.). You will even be able to create new objects in the Connection Tracking (this means that complex protocols such as FTP, P2P, etc. can have Python dealing with them rather than complex kernel modules).

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