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01 March 2007 14:45

New Python 3000 Video and Slides

New Python 3000 Video and Slides by Guido van Rossum February 26, 2007 Summary Video and powerpoint slides of my recent Python 3000 talks are now online. I gave two versions of a new talk on Python 3000 (a.k.a. Py3k or Python 3.0) recently. The first time, a preview, was on February 14, at Google in Mountain View. It is now up on Google Video (here). The second time was on February 24, at PyCon 2007 in Dallas. The powerpoint slides are now up on (here). (I rearranged the talk a bit based on the feedback I got on the Google talk, so the slides don't exactly match the video, but they are mostly close.) If after viewing these you have questions about the implications for the transition from Python 2.x to Python 3.0, please join us on python-dev (start here). Plans are emerging to add many features to Python 2.6 (which will be released a few months before 3.0) that will ease the transition, e.g. backporting selected Py3k features and (optional) warnings about features that will be gone in 3.0.