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May 2007

Under The Grid - Building a simple bot in ironpython - Second Life Insider

Welcome to the fourth installment of "Under The Grid", an irregular look at the mechanics underneath Second Life. This time we'll look at the basics of a bot. An automaton in avatar form. Building a bot is hard, right? The sole purview of C or C# programmers, you think? Not so. If you're familiar with python, and are willing to take some time to learn the structure of libsecondlife, you can put together simple task oriented bots fairly quickly. As with any programming task, the more complex the task the more research, writing and testing you will need to do. If you're going to start, start small. In many cases a simple task-oriented bot can automate an annoying task for you, while placing significantly lower demands on Second Life than logging in and doing it yourself. An important aspect of any Second Life automaton is to remember that Second Life is a shared space and set of resources and never to impose more load on the system than an ordinary avatar might. Less, if possible - and it is frequently possible.You'll need several things for this. You'll need to know your python. You'll need to download and build libsecondlife. You'll need ironpython. You'll need to know how to find necessary programming information on libsecondlife on your own. That said, if you can manage those things, read on. If not, you've got a bit more learning to do.

November 2006

IronPython - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

is an implementation of the Python programming language, targeting .NET and Mono, created by Jim Hugunin. Version 1.0 was released on September 5, 2006 [1]. IronPython is written entirely in C# and is made available as part of Microsoft's Shared Source initiative. While IronPython was originally released under the Common Public License, it retains some of its open source heritage, and its source code seems to be "more accessible" than other projects that are offered under the Shared Source initiative. Authors claim [2] that the license, while not reviewed by the Open Source Initiative, conforms to the latter definition of open source.

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