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23 January 2007 22:00

WordPress - Wikipédia

système de gestion de contenu libre écrit en PHP et reposant sur une base de données MySQL. WordPress est surtout utilisé comme logiciel de blog, mais ses fonctionnalités lui permettent également de gérer un site personnel. Il est distribué sous la Licence publique générale GNU. Le logiciel est aussi à l'origine du service

23 January 2007 21:30

Wordpress Templates «

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This is a list of the new ten best Free Wordpress Templates available on the Internet. Wordpress is an amazing open source blogging platform. Which means anyone out there on the internet can take it and use or modify it. One of the best things about Wordpress is the large number of free templates available. In fact there are so many free templates available for Wordpress that it has become overwhelming to find the best quality templates. I have tried my best to collect the best free Wordpress templates available out there. A lot of great designer and programmer are out there, who have spent there time and effort to develop these free Wordpress templates. I see a lot of people using the same free templates over and over again hopefully this will help you discover new free templates available for Wordpress. Even though I am listing only the best free Wordpress templates you can always go through the website of the author who designed these free Wordpress templates and discover more quality templates. Most of the templates here are rated according to their design in fact if you compare their features they might not score so high. But you can always modify them to suit your own need. For example K2 is great template with support for a huge variety of plug-ins by default. With out further ado I present you the ten best free Wordpress templates.