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30 January 2007

Java - Community Ubuntu Documentation

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To install proprietary Java, you must have the Multiverse repository enabled. Keep in mind that this repository is different from the backports Multiverse repository. That is, do not simply uncomment the "multiverse" line for backports. Instead, you will need to add "multiverse" to the existing main line in sources.list. For more information about the Multiverse repository, please visit the following guide:

29 January 2007

08 January 2007

Installation/LowMemorySystems - Community Ubuntu Documentation

How to install Ubuntu on low memory systems (Pentium III and earlier machines, with 32-256 MB RAM)

Download TurboGears

Note: A part of TurboGears relies on Pyrex, which has not yet been updated to accommodate changes in Python 2.5. Python 2.4 remains the recommended Python version. If you already have Python installed, there're only 2 steps to install TurboGears: 1. Download the script. 2. Run on Windows, or run python on *nix or Mac. There are some additional install instructions. Choose the instructions that match your setup:

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