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29 January 2007

Welcome! | Open Source Recruiter

1. Resume objects are validated using OSR tools, and can then be converted to a number of different formats, including HR-XML, HTML, XHTML, PDF, and Open Document text (ODT). OSR comes budled with default stylesheets for performing each of these transformations. It also allows users to define their own stylesheets for custom transformations. Click on a link below to display a sample resume formatted using one of the default stylesheets that ships with OSR: * HR-XML example * HTML example * XHTML example * PDF example * Open Document text example 2. Resumes can optionally be persisted to an SQL-compliant datastore. The resume database can be manipulated just like any other database; searching and data manipulation can be perfomed by anyone who knows SQL.

26 January 2007


Amiko is the new resumé. The Internet has changed the way people are hired, more and more companies are using online job postings to find employees. Printing and mailing resumés can cost and arm and a leg. If you post your resumé on a job site, it only works for that site. Amiko allows you to span the job sites, from Monster to Craigslist, just post a link to your Amiko resumé and that's it.

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