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05 February 2007

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Découvrir et utiliser jQuery, la librairie javascript du XXIIème siècle

29 January 2007

Visual jQuery 1.0 (Automated)

The first issue of the Visual jQuery Magazine has been translated to French by Allergie, BoOz, cy_altern, Fil and Toggg. They've done a great job and we hope they will continue to volunteer their services in the future. We would love to have future issues of the magazine translated in to any and all other languages; we do the layout work, you simply provide the text. Any interested parties should email Enjoy! Please download the first issue of the Visual jQuery Magazine in French.

15 Days Of jQuery

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What is jQuery? I consider it the Swiss Army knife of javascript - it's small, versatile, and has almost zero learning curve. Why should I care? If your project calls for AJAX or DOM scripting and you need it done quickly, with minimal fuss, and you believe in keeping things simple, then jQuery might be perfect for you. And what's "15 Days of jQuery" got for me? Fantastic tutorials and example code that takes you from zero to hero in no time flat. If you're not a black belt in advanced javascript code by the end of these tutorials then you get 110% of your money back.

24 January 2007

dojo, the Javascript Toolkit: brought to you by the Dojo Foundation

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The Dojo Toolkit is only one of the projects that the Dojo Foundation hosts. In addition to the toolkit, OpenRecord and the Cometd project call the Dojo Foundation home. OpenRecord's pure-JavaScript semi-structured content store makes organizing data simpler and faster without the up-front overhead of knowing what you're going to add before you add it. Cometd is working to make implementing, deploying, and integrating Comet clients and servers into existing web infrastructures.

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