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NERO is the result of a joint project between the Digital Media Collaboratory (DMC) and the neuroevolution group at the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin (UTCS). NERO utilizes state-of-the-art academic artificial intelligence research in order to demonstrate its effectiveness in a game environment. The game uses AI to allow simulated robotic agents to cope with changing environments and situations, and form adaptive tactical solutions. The end result is a game that adapts itself to the strategies desired by the player, while still allowing the AI-controlled entities to operate as autonomous agents. NERO introduces a new genre of video game that is only possible with machine learning technology: The player takes the role of trainer and teaches a team of novice soldiers the skills for battle. When sufficient skills have been acquired, players can take their teams to battle mode where their skills are tested against teams trained by other players.

26 June 2005

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