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25 May 2005

23 May 2005

20 May 2005

19 May 2005

1.1 - Introduction

XML User-interface Language

CC - Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation

In June 1993, the sponsoring organizations of the existing US, Canadian, and European criterias started the CC Project to align their separate criteria into a single set of IT security criteria. Version 1.0 of the CC was completed in January 1996. Based on a number of trial evaluations and an extensive public review, Version 1.0 was extensively revised and CC Version 2.0 was produced in April of 1998. This became ISO International Standard 15408 in 1999. The CC Project subsequently incorporated the minor changes that had resulted in the ISO process, producing CC version 2.1 in August 1999.

18 May 2005

Firefox Extension Tutorial — Business Logs

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16 May 2005

OpenBSD on Sharp Zaurus

OpenBSD now runs on the Zaurus PDA

Read All E-Mail in Plain Text - Outlook 2003 Security and Privacy

Read Outlook 2003 e-mail in plain text to help avoid possible HTML rendering exploits.