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September 2008

Google Code University - Google Code

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In the Tools 101 section, you will find a set of introductions to some common tools used in Computer Science such as version control systems and databases.

July 2008

April 2007

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NCD delivers thin client network solutions for your business. We create tools, thin clients, Windows 2000 software enhancements, and access to UNIX and legacy systems.Welcome to NCD - The Thin Client Experts!

March 2007

Creating Courses - Learning Objects, XML, SGML

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IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC): Another working group working on creating standards for learning objects. I think this in an international consortium. 08/25/01

February 2007

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Custom interior wood window shutters sold direct online and shipped nationwide. Plantation shutters and traditional shutters available.Horizon Custom Interior shutters - Traditional and Plantation shutters

water softeners and sprinkler systems

Water Softeners and Manufacturers... devices are an integral part of many residential water supply systems, it is imperative for water softeners to be ... Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in One and Two Family Dwellings and ...

January 2007

Peer Name Resolution Protocol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Internally, PNRP uses an architecture similar to distributed hash table systems such as Chord or Pastry. The peer name is hashed to produce a 128-bit peer identifier, and a DHT like algorithm is used to retrieve the location of the host publishing that id

design lawn sprinkler systems

Sprinkler : Sprinkler System ... Young has been a lawn sprinkler service professional for 8 years. He has managed his own lawn sprinkler ... No use of contents allowed without permission ( America, US and UK and other countries