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July 2008

March 2007

Why do we believe in God? (

What does this mean for belief in the supernatural? It means our brains are primed for it, ready to presume the presence of agents even when such presence confounds logic. "The most central concepts in religions are related to agents," Justin Barrett, a p

February 2007

British Chess Magazine: The Chess Shop and the Bridge Shop

British Tournament Calendar Comprehensive details of all forthcoming British tournaments - the most up-to-date listing available on the web

Resource: Literary Visions

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17. Artful Resonance: Theme in Poetry Dramatizations of six poems that share the same subject help clarify the difference between subject and theme. Close analysis of poems by John Donne and Donald Hall explore the interrelationship between poetic f

January 2007

What Are Blogs at Blogging Guide

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Trade journals and specialist publications are being edged out of the online media market by an increasingly successful wave of super blogs, according to the boss of weblog tracking index Technorati.