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June 2008

How do Contact Lenses Work

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Toric lenses are different from traditional spherical contact lenses, which have the same power of correction throughout the lens. A toric contact lens, on the other hand, has varying powers of correction throughout the lens. These special contact lense

April 2008

March 2007

Category Theory (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

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The history of category theory offers a rich source of information to explore and take into account for an historically sensitive epistemology of mathematics. It is hard to imagine, for instance, how algebraic geometry and algebraic topology could have be

Creating Courses - Learning Objects, XML, SGML

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IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC): Another working group working on creating standards for learning objects. I think this in an international consortium. 08/25/01

Teach Yourself Adobe GoLive 6 in 24 Hours

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#51 - PDF - Shrinking to Fit Paper Width #52 - PDF - Opening Directly in PDF Preview #53 - PDF - Checking Links in PDF Preview #5