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Using a picture as background, attachment fixed (GPC)

With Simple Template, we use a picture as background, and we define the background as background-attachment:fixed; We create a thinner column.

Create Borders for your Pictures - Google Page Creator

Using CSS, how to create borders for your favorites pictures A golden frame, Play with opacity. Pictures like Polaroid.

How to Change the Background of a GPC Template

Using Google Page Creator, it's possible to change the background of the default templates

Slimbox for GPC - another clone of lightbox

Slimbox is ready to launch as soon as the document is ready. This means that you don’t have to wait for all images of the page to be loaded before clicking on a link launching the Lightbox effect. You can use html for the caption of the pictures

Lightbox2 - To Display a Set of Pictures

WIth version 2 of lightbox we can now display a set of pictures and make more visual effects. How to use lightbox 2 with Google Pages Creator

Media RSS and Slide Show

Using Google AJAX Feed API to create your own Slide Show. A tutorial about Slide Show and Media RSS with Google Page Creator

How to use the Lightbox javascript with GPC

lightbox.js a well known script, to display a picture within the page, with a shadow effect

Scrolling text with scrollTop

Using scrollTop to display scrolling text over a fixed div ScrollTop attribute of an element is the measurement of the distance in pixels between the top of the element and the highest point of its visible content. Using a javascript to scroll the text, is an alternative of marquee, wich is a deprecated tag.


Nicolas - site personnel

Un site personnel sur l'informatique, le web et les loisirs. Le plaisir de créer un petit site avec Google Page Creator. Des essais de CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), toolbox et outils Google.

La carte ou le menu - chez Kakie

La Carte ou le Menu - Les 10 commandements du PC - liens - dictionnaire - les petits tracas quotidien avec son PC. Cyberkakie, Au rendez-vous des cyberphiles débutants

Images et Saveurs

Images et Saveurs. Un site pour les épicuriens. L'image du terroir, la saveur des vins et des mets. Pour savourer les belles images de la campagne vaudoise. Françoise Konic

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