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html5 version of a PDF Reader from Issuu

An html5 version of the new PDF Reader of Issuu. A Google Gadget

Google Gadget to swap 2 pictures using onmouseover

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Google Sites doesnt't accept javascript. We need to use a Google gadget to swap 2 pictures using onmouseover and onmouseout


Insert a Photo Cube 3D

For Google Sites users, insert a Flash Photo Cuve 3D

A Google Gadget to insert a Profile Widget or a Board Widget from Pinterest

A Google Gadget to insert a Profile Widget or a Board Widget from Pinterest. You can display the last 30 Pins in a Google Sites Page

How to embed a Prezi in a Google Sites

Using a Flash Player to embed a Prezi

Display thumbnails of an Album from Facebook

For Google Sites users - Display thumbnails of a public Alum of a page of Facebook

Add a Google Books Preview to your Site

Using a Google Gadget, we can add a preview from Google Books. We cannot use the Preview Wizard, but we can encapsulate the API call within the gadget. Depending on the book, we can display the full text, a summary or the first pages. The preview allow us to use a search engine.

Some tips to insert Gadgets from iGoogle into a Google Sites Page

For some gadgets, we can use an iframe to insert an iGoogle Gadget within a Google Sites Page

Insert a Cloud carousel to your Google Sites pages using Google Drive

We cal host all the files needed to insert a Cloud Carousel within Google Drive. Google Sites users can insert a beautiful slideshow

How to share your subscriptions from Google Reader

How to share your subscriptions from Google Reader. Use a Google gadget to display your subscriptions

Insert a youtube video within Google Site

You can configure the Player of YouTube with this Gadget

Inserer un Diaporama de Pinterest sur Google Sites

En utilisant le Flux media RSS de Pinterest il est possible d'insérer un Diaporama des denières images postées sur Pinterest, sur un site de Google Sites


Display the Public Feed of a Google+ Member

With a Feed Reader we can display the public feed of a member of Google+

Follow the tweets of a user

A Google Gadget to follow the tweets of a user. Create a RSS feed and use a feed reader to display the last tweets of a twitter user

A Google Gadget to insert a Video from Facebook

A Google Gadget to insert a Video from Facebook. I use the generic Flash Player from Google Gadget


Using Google Apps Script to Update a Page from Google Sites

Create content for a Google Sites Page using Google Apps Script


Insert an image-map in Google Sites

How to define an image-map. Insert an image-map in a Google Sites page

Add a Google Reader Clip to your Google Sites page

Insert a Clip from Google Reader in a Google Sites page. Google reader give a 2 scripts, which cannot be directly inserted in a Google Sites Page

Create Border for Picture - CSS with Google Sites

Using in-line CSS we can define some border for picture

How to embed Google Earth within Google Sites

A turnaround to embed Google Earth within Google Sites, as the google gadget is not usable

Inserting Social Bookmarking Buttons

Using Google Sites, we need to use Google Gadget to add Social Bookmarking Buttons in a page

Integrating a Badge from Twitter in Google Sites

Twitter give us a Flash Badge, one interactive, one read-only. Using a Generic Flash Player it's easy to insert the badge in Google Sites


Integrating Google Maps

3 ways to insert a Google Maps within a Google Sites page