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March 2007

Return of the Leonids

A Leonid meteor streaks past the Orion Nebula in 2001. Photo Credit: Mark Brown of Alabama. On Sunday, Nov. 19th, Earth will pass through a stream of debris from comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle. The result: a shower of Leonid meteors.

February 2007

1080p Does Matter - Heres When (Screen Size vs. Viewing Distance vs. Resolution)

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Looking at this chart, it is apparent that 1080p is the lowest resolution to fall within the recommended seating distance range. Any resolution less than 1080p is not detailed enough if you are sitting the proper distance from the screen. For me and many - 50 x hours Javascript + LAMP Programming

What is ( Read about the company ) Our escrow feature is developed to protect both buyers and sellers. Find freelance programmers, web designers, copywriters and translators. We have thousands of satisfied clients around the world.

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He was, as I had already been able to perceive, a breath-taking cove. About seven feet in height, and swathed in a plaid ulster which made him look about six feet across, he caught the eye and arrested it. It was as if Nature had intended to make a gorill

January 2007

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After you keep plaid on all of these effects, you are ultimately fit to go prefer what sympathetic of often works you wish and get in shape to flower it. When you are choosing your bush control in percipience the fleck you picked, and buy the shop that w

Andy Budd::Blogography: Layout Grid Bookmarklet

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[UPDATE:] Marcus Breese just emailed me a show/hide layout grid bookmarklet, which is great becasue now I don’t have to make one. Thanks Marcus.

Who Would Buy That? (weird eBay auctions)

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4:18 AM | link Maria thought music would make her evening run more enjoyable, but all it did was make her hungry.(thanks, Heather!)

Transcending the Control System: Food for the Moon

What did Gurdjieff mean by this phrase? Many have interpreted “food for the moon” as a figure of speech, that perhaps Gurdjieff meant we are slave to our mechanical conditioning and feed our baser impulses. While it can be additionally interpr

Google Sightseeing » Post Archive » Top 10 Naked People on Google Earth

wicks, I’ve had to delete your comment - we’d rather not have that kind of language here. Thanks.

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