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April 2007

Philanthropy Googles Way: Not the Usual - New York Times

The only conventional part of is the Google Foundation, a nonprofit with an endowment of $90 million that is constrained in how it spends by the 501(c)(3) section of the Internal Revenue Service code.

March 2007

Scientists Found Women Could Produce Sperm | Women Lifestyle, Fashion, Health, Beauty and Personality

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Again, a new scientific breakthrough raises the prospect that women could have a baby on their own by producing test-tube sperms. They have succeeded in using artificially-grown sperm to fertilise eggs. The technique could lead to a cure for some types of

Populist Party - American Democracy: Slogan or Action

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So the irony arises-politicians are generally able spend vast sums of money to support their re-election campaigns, but the common voter is strapped for cash, forced to pick between contributing to the DNC or paying the utility bill.

February 2007

BIBBA Bee Improvement and Bee breeding Association - honey bee conservation

In Great Britain the economic importance of the honeybee as a pollinator far exceeded that of the hive products and was recognised by government at both national and local level. Beekeeping research was financed by central government, beekeeping instructo

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sessions Podcast. 8th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Contest. sessions on & .. *Home. *Clothing. *Dealer Locator *Team. *Images. *News/Events &

January 2007

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To succour explain effects, a unravelling was created - the clarification of Bluetooth. Bluetooth is wireless and mechanical, sacrifice users a selection of brit phiz that possess simplified the art of link. Bluetooth has revolutionized the canon method

3hive - sharing the sharing

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I like to think, mainly because it makes me feel less pathetic, that everyone who went to college and studied something other than business administration had some kind of youthfully pretentious obsession. Mine was Marshall McLuhan, the new media oracle f

Transcending the Control System: Food for the Moon

What did Gurdjieff mean by this phrase? Many have interpreted “food for the moon” as a figure of speech, that perhaps Gurdjieff meant we are slave to our mechanical conditioning and feed our baser impulses. While it can be additionally interpr

Dealers Dodge

"I thought all car salesmen were the same. I found out that I was wrong. The internet Dept. at was great to work with, no high pressure what they said I got. It was the best buying experince that I have ever had."

Google Sightseeing » Post Archive » Top 10 Naked People on Google Earth

wicks, I’ve had to delete your comment - we’d rather not have that kind of language here. Thanks.

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