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Rosie Boycott: Skunk is dangerous. But I still believe in my campaign to decriminalise cannabis - Independent Online Edition > Commentators

The dope I used to smoke that we campaigned to have legalised is now a rarity. Why bother with all the problems of importation if you can grow it in your bedroom as easily as I grew mustard and cress on blotting paper when I was a kid at school?

EverQuest 2 Maps and Quests -

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Station Exchange was developed to provide players with a secure alternative to rapidly proliferating third-party markets for in-game characters, items and coin. These unsanctioned auction sites have given rise to scammers who often deliver different items

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Transcending the Control System: Food for the Moon

What did Gurdjieff mean by this phrase? Many have interpreted “food for the moon” as a figure of speech, that perhaps Gurdjieff meant we are slave to our mechanical conditioning and feed our baser impulses. While it can be additionally interpr