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July 2008

Auto Total Loss Part II

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The adjuster will not have much discretion to change these values. When I was handling total loss claims, I had $200 authority to adjust my settlement offers. This is how the auto total loss process works (in a nutshell).

April 2008

April 2007

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At any rate Barclays, along with most other large banking groups, has identified managing this growing pool of wealth as a prime opportunity. The first chart shows the prospective growth of dollar millionaires, defined as households with more than $1m (&p

March 2007

forex hours

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Forex Traders Info... 659 89% Winners, 11% Losers Best Day: 04/18 +126, Worst Day: 04/07 +18 EUR/USD 26 trades generated for 8-12 22 Winners: +452 4 Losers: -73 Total: +379 85% Winners, 15% Losers Best alert forex signal ...

Georgia Luxury Homes

Did You Know that Barkitecture is a tribute to the fabulous homes we silly humans love to build or buy for our beloved pets.

February 2007 | Comparing two takes on Wall Street, 2003

PPT or Plunge Protection Team [Archive] - & stock futures and options to hedge positions in the underlying stock & ever since the October 1987 stock market crash, Goldman strategist Abby Joseph &

January 2007