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April 2007

March 2007

Amazon shopping tips and hacks at

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Update 11/30: If you are too lazy to build your own Amazon links you can use this little script by Ryan Stewart to do it for you. As the price for convenience he gets a small comission on the stuff you buy

February 2007 - 50 x hours Javascript + LAMP Programming

What is ( Read about the company ) Our escrow feature is developed to protect both buyers and sellers. Find freelance programmers, web designers, copywriters and translators. We have thousands of satisfied clients around the world.

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Typo on the FireFox line is breaking the IE effect- -moz-opacity:0.70: /* FireFox */

Download of the Day: Any Video Converter (Windows) - Lifehacker

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klamer: I use a program called Direct Show Dump to convert the .tivo to an MPEG file. After that, I compress it for my iPod using Videora iPod converter. Both utilities are free.

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i recently had a lucid dream. i dreamed that i was dreaming and became aware or partly aware of the dream, and i was able to change my size and pick an attacker up in one hand.

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He was, as I had already been able to perceive, a breath-taking cove. About seven feet in height, and swathed in a plaid ulster which made him look about six feet across, he caught the eye and arrested it. It was as if Nature had intended to make a gorill

January 2007

Sweetie | Free icon set

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150+ clean and clear icons to use in your nifty web application. They are licenced under a Creative Commons licence, so commercial use is fine. Also feel free to make derivatives with the included Photoshop documents.

Free Range Librarian

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Bob, Ben, et al.--what are you calling this? (Whining slightly:) when can the rest of us use it?

Andy Budd::Blogography: Layout Grid Bookmarklet

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[UPDATE:] Marcus Breese just emailed me a show/hide layout grid bookmarklet, which is great becasue now I don’t have to make one. Thanks Marcus.

3hive - sharing the sharing

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I like to think, mainly because it makes me feel less pathetic, that everyone who went to college and studied something other than business administration had some kind of youthfully pretentious obsession. Mine was Marshall McLuhan, the new media oracle f

Get Rich Slowly » My eBay Method: 13 Steps to Profitable Auctions

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Former eBay store employee Sean Blanda continues his series on successful eBay auctions, this time focusing on the items that generally don’t sell well, including jewelry, computer monitors, records, “handmade anything” and antiques. &#8

Blog |

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More video footage of the puppies with their eyes open…

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