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CSS Tutorial - Border

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There are numerous types of border styles at your disposal. We recommend that you experiment with many color/border-style combinations to get an idea of all the different looks you can create. Note: We have used CSS Classes below, so check out the CSS Cl

April 2007

Myspace Background Border

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Find Best Sites For myspace background border With StartExisting - "Start Existing" is an excellent resource for quality sites on myspace background border and much more! StartExisting also provides related listings for myspace background border -- htt

March 2007

CSS Tutorial - Padding

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Each HTML element actually has 4 different paddings: top, right, bottom, and left. It is possible to define these individual paddings simply by adding a direction suffix to the padding attribute. Example form: padding-(direction). Defining only one di

Set your White and Black Point - Digital Photography Tip of the Week at Update

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I will be at the Holiday Inn on Grand Island, NY this weekend attending the annual Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Clubs convention. Featured speakers include Darrell Gulin, Jack Graham, Patti Rusotti and other. We have a great line up for the weekend an

Tutorials - Levels

When considering adjusting the black and white point levels of your histogram, ask yourself: is there any region in the image which should be completely black or white, and does the image histogram show this?

Cascading Style Cheatsheet

by 57 others
Units of measure take 2-letter abbreviations, with no space between number and unit. Units fall into three categories:

Amoryllis French Furniture

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Antic French Furniture Antique Arm Chair French Furniture Antique Art Nouveau French Furniture Antique Bed French Furniture Shop Antique Bed French Furniture Antique Bench French Furniture Antique Bristol French Furniture Antique Buffet Country French Fur

Johnny Cash Wikipedia RSS Feed powered by BlinkBits

After he quit using drugs in the early 1970s, Cash rediscovered his Christian faith, taking an "altar call" in Evangel Temple, a small church in the Nashville area. Cash chose this church over many other larger, celebrity churches in the Nashvil

Making Internet Explorer use position: fixed;

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Well, ... nothing. The problem is that the most popular browser - Internet Explorer for Windows - does not understand it, and instead of reverting to position: absolute; which would be better than nothing, it reverts to position: static; as specified by

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