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Rosie Boycott: Skunk is dangerous. But I still believe in my campaign to decriminalise cannabis - Independent Online Edition > Commentators

The dope I used to smoke that we campaigned to have legalised is now a rarity. Why bother with all the problems of importation if you can grow it in your bedroom as easily as I grew mustard and cress on blotting paper when I was a kid at school?

Independent Online Edition > Business Comment

At any rate Barclays, along with most other large banking groups, has identified managing this growing pool of wealth as a prime opportunity. The first chart shows the prospective growth of dollar millionaires, defined as households with more than $1m (&p

March 2007

Making Music: A list with recommended commercial music making software for the serious or professional musician

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I would choose Orion. ProTools is what many professional studios use and that is not a bad either.I recommend to try the ProTools FREE version to see if you like it.And for m

The New Georgia Encyclopedia

NGE is a project of the Georgia Humanities Council in partnership with the University of Georgia Press, the University System of Georgia/GALILEO, the Office of the Governor, and the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education. Because of the gener

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