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July 2008

May 2008

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As possible behavior problems are talked about, James Lehman mentions which lessons in the series will cover those issues. He does a good job of emphasizing that the point for parents to get this program is to learn parenting techniques that they don&#821

April 2007

March 2007

Devlounge | Custom Reading Width Beta

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This past year was a long one for us, and we went threw many changes a long the way. As we near the end of

Georgia Luxury Homes

Did You Know that Barkitecture is a tribute to the fabulous homes we silly humans love to build or buy for our beloved pets.

January 2007

Sunrise Specialty 48" x 28" Cast Iron Drop-In Bathtub

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47 1/4” Long x 28” Wide with 14” water depth55 1/4” Long x 28” Wide with 14” water depth 59 5/16” Long x 28” Wide with 14” water depth 67” Long x 29.5” Wide with 14” water depth 71” Long x 32” Wide with 16” water depth