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07 February 2008

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02 February 2008

barcode yourself

Enter personal information about yourself to be bar coded. All of the calculations in Barcode Yourself are based on real world facts, gathered from the Internet. Data like the Gross Domestic Product of each country. Lichtenstein is #1, USA #2, and Sierra Leone is last. From the Center for Disease control, I used the Body Mass Index to figure out how healthy a person is based on height and weight. And from the Institute for Women's Policy Research I discovered the "Gender Gap" which states that "Women Average 72 Cents For Each $1 Earned By A Man." Credits - Scott Blake & Ryan Terry Scott Blake and Ryan Terry met while attending the Interactive Design course at the Savannah College of Art and Design with Professor Frank Barber.

31 January 2008

27 January 2008

Hallmarks of Felinity

Solange... j'adore :-) voir aussi

British - Islands . com

photos aériennes des îles anglo-normandes

23 January 2008

20 January 2008


Sa maison privée près de Stuttgart est à la fois remarqueblement belle et avant-gardiste, toute de verre et d'acier.

19 January 2008