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May 2009

Panorama Free WordPress Theme

Panorama is a free WordPress theme, two column, with a right sidebar and a main gimmick of a customizable header image…

March 2009

Forex Risk Management - the Anti-Martingale system

If the Martingale system is a joke - then the anti-Martingale is a seriously bad joke. As risk-management it leaves something to be desired.

Forex News Trading - Housing Starts

Unlike the situation a couple of years ago, (when, as always in a bubble, people got a bit silly), home-builders aren’t going to be starting up unless they are fairly confident of the end market and actually selling the units when they’re built.

Using Expert Advisors - also known as being a Forex Sheep

Let’s just run through this scenario: 20,000 trades get placed simultaneously - or 20,000 attempts are made to get the same trade placed. Online brokers do tend to notice these things,

February 2009

We Need a Word for this Ridiculous New Effect in the Forex Market - Any ideas?

Bad news for the US economy, lower jobs, lower GDP, leads to lack of confidence Which leads to a rush towards safe haven currencies… Which leads to buying USD - because USD is in itself, considered a safe-haven currency… So bad US news leads to USD going up.

Camarilla Pivot Points in Forex

Camarilla Pivot Points are (unfortunately) covered in the same mystique as Fibonacci retracement - involving higher mathematics to produce a magic formula that somehow the markets are bound to follow

Forex Fundamental Analysis - Trade Balance

Balance of trade figures are another important facet of fundamental economic analysis. The trade balance compares exports versus imports for a given economy - sometimes the figures are broken into separate balances covering goods and services

Forex Trading - LIBOR rates

The London Interbank Offered Rate is a daily reference rate based on the interest rates at which an institution (ie. a bank) can borrow unsecured funds from other institutions in the London wholesale money (or interbank) market.

Trading Currency ETFs

ETFs retain the valuation feature of a unit trust, which can be purchased/redeemed at the end of each day for its net value - but you’re not limited to trading at the close price. An ETF is continually priced through market trading hours and so intra-day trading becomes possible. (Not something that ever went on with unit trusts or mutual funds).

Forex on Twitter

The slightly frenzied attempts of day-traders to talk up the penny stocks they’ve just loaded into are amusing - for a while. As are the races to get as many off-topic followers as possible, just for the kudos of the numbers.

Contract for Difference Trading - CFD

CFDs are to be avoided, on stocks, equities, anything and everything - it’s one small step away from spread betting and if you want to end up like those dumbasses who spreadbet on the FTSE opening every morning, fine, go ahead…

Press the Forex Trigger

Golfers get the yips - darts player get dartitis…

Install MetaTrader EAs - Expert Advisors

It’s easy to include add-ons into MetaTrader - indicators, expert advisors (EAs), and other scripts, customising it to your particular requirements

Forex on the News Networks

I know this may seem fairly obvious to most, but news events aren’t what they’re talking about on the television financial news networks right now. That’s journalism, reportage, call it what ever you like. As useful information for placing trades in the retail forex market, it’s dead.

The Bollinger Squeeze

Bollinger bands are a great way of understanding market movements if you’re new to the forex game. Everybody uses them, and overall, the concept is relatively easy to understand.

Currency trading options - the Khaleeji

Since the Euro, give or take, has been such a runaway success, stand by for another single currency. Coming your way some time, the khaleeji.

How Retail Forex Actually Works (Roughly)

The boring stuff that you should probably know to be a successful trader - but never find the time to get round to reading

Fundamental Analysis in Forex - Durable Goods Orders

This is an old-style picture of the economy - the manufacturing sector. Maybe the markets pay too much attention to it, for old times sake - but if traders pay attention, it becomes important in itself.

10 Great Forex Excuses

Fact is, when I started out, I had the newbie’s disease of being unable to go 15 minutes with the charts in front of me without placing a trade.

My Forex System

It’s what I feel works for me, it’s been formed from my experiences, opinions, prejudices etc. You, on the other hand, may - hopefully will - have a completely different outlook and personality which is going to suit a different style of trading

Forex is Gambling, right?

It’s not like poker - just one of the many things it shouldn’t be like is poker. You think that edge-of-the-seat stuff, adrenalin rushes, a bit of healthy panic are going to be integral and vital to the whole game? If you think that’s how the big guys do it, operating as if supercool, suave casino habitués, then you’d be way wrong.

Forex Volume Analysis

In very simple terms, volumes can be a good indication of who’s doing the buying and selling - is it large volume professional money going into the market, or is it just the smaller traders twitching the currencies around a little at the moment?

Interest Rate Cuts All Round?

Thursday will have a similar deal - the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of England announce their interest rates. The ECB is forecast - only forecast - to keep things the same, resisting any pressure to cut - which the larger members of the EU, France, Germany, would prefer - but others, Portugal, for example are dead against it.

Foreign Exchange 3-character Currency Codes

The first 2 letters of the code are the ISO 2-character country code and the third is (usually) the initial of the currency itself.

Exiting a Forex Trade

We all can be guilty of it - decide to place a forex trade and then completely overlook the second part, deciding on the stops, take-profit or stop-loss - and this part is just as important in determining your profits (or limiting losses) at the end of the day.

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