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July 2007

IPKat - IP news and fun for everyone: No F in Justice, but one F in Fulham, rules TM Registry

The IPKat has just been perusing a curious little case, the unsuccessful application of one Mr Kevin Scranage to register the words THERE AIN’T NO F IN JUSTICE as a UK trade mark for Tee shirts, sweat shirts, baseball caps (Class 25). The Kat assumed that this was going to be one of those rather tricky "immoral mark" cases, on the basis that the slogan, read out aloud and at speed, would appear to the listener as "There ain't no f***ing justice". but no, the Registry pulled a surprise and refused registration on the ground that the slogan was not distinctive, being a sign which was likely to be taken by the public as a personal statement by the wearer rather than acting as an indicator of trade origin.

April 2007

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