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February 2008

Kroll Global Fraud Report

The report cites European Union Customs statistics that show a 1,000 percent increase in counterfeit goods in Europe between 1998 and 2004.

October 2007

European Commission seeks mandate to negotiate major new international anti- counterfeiting pact - EUROPA - Rapid - Communiques de presse

"The European Commission has announced today that it will seek a mandate from European Member States to negotiate a new Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) with major trading partners, including the US, Japan, Korea, Mexico and New Zealand. Such an agreement would strengthen efforts to protect European intellectual property around the world, a key part of the EU's Global Europe trade strategy. ACTA’s goal is to provide a high-level international framework that strengthens the global enforcement of intellectual property rights and helps in the fight to protect consumers from the health and safety risks associated with many counterfeit products."

7-year-old killed by fake Gameboy. | WiiNintendo

"A boy of seven was killed by a counterfeit Gameboy charger while on holiday in Thailand"

August 2007

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